VEGAN THURSDAY: Nutritious Chef Prepared Meals delivered to Your Office or Residence LA

I am constantly juggling a multiple list of projects on a daily, full-time theology student and now even more as Pastor Sammie of Vision Los Angels. What is important to me is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and great eating habits; however, if I have to cook everyday in a kitchen that would be a no go.

One thing I love about living on the West Coast in Los Angeles is the abundance of vegan diners, restaurants, fast foods and more. Most of the eateries have at least one to two vegan/Plant base and vegetarian options. Plus, there are fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, natural smoothies and acai bowls almost on every corner. LA is not only about lights, camera and action but also subscribing to a lifestyle of health conscious cuisine.


I am a foodie, but I do not like to cook. It is only once a week or on special occasions that I will do a little something in the kitchen. (lol) Nevertheless, I am a soulful savory to the taste type vegan guy. The meal prep idea is great but not for me. So I instantly last year 2020 started to do some research to find a cost effective, low calorie and vegan friendly weekly meal prep delivery service.

A friend of mine suggested “Every Table” and shared that the meals are inexpensive, easy to order, delivery service, fresh juices and vegan meal options. As a matter of fact, he gave me a week of the meals and juices complimentary and the rest is history.

This blog is all about the Plant base life; however “Every Table” has something for everyone to enjoy. My favorite meals or smoothie are: Thai Red Curry with Veggies, Rainbow Salad, falafel & hummus lavash and the Rose Berry Smoothie just delicious.


Eat the rainbow, and get your daily dose of veggies with this vibrant salad. Featuring some of our favorite nutrient-dense ingredients – like roasted sweet potatoes, blanched broccoli, and a bright and creamy carrot ginger dressing.

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