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Vegan Thursday starts Now! I made a decision a couple months ago to use my blog to be reflective of its theme, On Everything I love focusing on my personal journey into a lifestyle of veganism. My process to becoming a vegan was truly spiritual from the start and I knew internally at an early age that eventually I will not longer eat meat.

To date it has been over 20+ years since day one starting with the removal of pork (bacon, sausage, pork skins and etc.) and then beef (steak, ground beef and hamburgers). Now, giving up the beef was a hard one because I loved a good ole Burger King, Whopper with cheese. My God! However, after two years eating only chicken and selected seafood items, I became a vegetarian removing all meat and seafood.

Again, as I stated earlier my vegan journey was all about moments of spiritual awakening. The more traditional foods I released from my diet to adapt a plant based diet, the more my spiritual connectivity to God and nature emerged with a greater sense of awareness. This was my calling. In the past five years, I have advanced into more of a strict vegan diet of no diary, eating more colorful raw vegetables, seeds, using natural products such as: toothpaste, body oils, deodorant to name a few strictly vegan friend.

What I know for sure? Our body is a temple that can naturally heal itself. We must develop a “top down” consciousness about the beauty, the serenity and the wholeness our bodies requires to live fully from a lifestyle of wellness.

God, humanity and nature are one. We are all apart of the ecological order of God. I believe with all my heart a plant base diet awakens your internal instinct to a fresh new spiritual encounter and existence. We eat to live and not live to eat. Your life’s call is greater than any cultural tradition. Be brave enough to try something new that will lead to a better and healthier YOU.

I am truly excited every Thursday to give you the inside deets into my life as a vegan exclusively on and my Youtube page.

On Everything I Love, here is one of my favorite Vegan Sweet Treats from “DONUT FRIEND” in Los Angeles. Everything is egg and dairy free! Love this spot. My favorite donut is the “Green Teagan and Sara.”


A raised donut topped with a matcha tea glaze, toasted black sesame seeds, and a dash of freeze dried raspberry dust.

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