Los Angeles | The Time of My Life Painting the City of Angels in Colour

Accessories the panache’ of chic in living color…

AQUARIUS season is in full demand switching up the beat to explore a new way of being and embracing all things new.

For the past three years or more, I have not done anything special for my birthday. However, this year I wanted to be the epitome of a revolutionary having an internal and now external evolution of boldly declaring the lyrics of ATL singer Lloyd’s title track, “Tru.”

This is me so accept me for who I am
And please accept me for what I do
I'm just doing everything that I can
'Cause all I wanna be is true
No Reason to be Reserved, STYLE is a Mood Transformer!

I am masculinity, femininity, and fully God’s man seeking to transform lives by love and freedom to be. When I tell you, I was so nervous to wear this look and the fear of disappointing people almost held me captive; but, the God within activated my spiritual antenna to fight back the emotional ties of false evidence appearing real (F.E.A.R.) to defy the odds and do it anyway. 2023 is my year of completing what I started and just simply saying, “Yes.”

Having the time of my life in downtown Los Angeles living it up in full-view hi-def color television style. Birthday Celebration in review below shots by Shamira Scott and Jeremiah Drummond. Event Designer Anthony Buck

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