GQ Magazine’s PHARRELL WILLIAMS COVER shifts the Culture for Men’s Fashion

GQ Magazine new cover proclaims,The New Masculinity, An Exploration of Identity, Culture and Style 2019 featuring the multi-talented musician and fashion trendsetter, Pharrell Williams wearing a flowing bold gold couture bomber jacket by luxury outerwear brand Moncler and Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli. A couple attributes first come to mind that I love about Pharrell is his ability to challenge thought, push the culture forward and his uncanny willingness to just BE void of other opinions. Many may acclaim Pharrell has gone too far with his approach for this cover; however, what I admire the most is the creation of a conversation.  What is needed most in society today is no more assumptions or random unmerited statements spoken with no real truth to shame the next person. At the core, We are one universally connected. There must be a shift in the culture beyond social media erotism to combating spiritual warfare. The freedom to be is essential to the success of ALL people.


The question becomes is there a new masculinity or is the scope much larger.  Check out Pharrell’s full interview with GQ Magazine He shares not only has thoughts on fashion but when Blurred Lines changed his life, his view on the culture, life mission and more.

Pharrell shares with GQ Magazine,  I do have my lines. Like, I can’t wear no skirt. Nor am I interested in wearing a blouse. That’s not my deal. But things that are made for women that I feel will look good on me—that I like—I will wear,” he says. “I can just say, for me, the minute that I stopped worrying about what other people thought, and stopped catering to the fears that are taught to you—the minute that I let all that shit go—that’s when I started, like: Oh, that Chanel belt? I could wear that. That Chanel hat?I like it. I could pull that off…When you listen to yourself and you’re comfortable in who you are, you wear what you feel like fits and looks right on you. And that’s it.

 Share below your thoughts on Pharrell’s evolution of masculinity style concept.

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