SKINN MIA: Facial Rejuvenation in Miami South Beach “Melanin Popping and Glowing”

During my time in Miami for ABFF (American Black Film Festival), I took some time to visit the spa for a well overdue facial. It has been over two years since I have been inside of a spa due to restrictions imposed during the height of COVID-19.

However, I could not wait for the chance to lay back, relax and allow someone to minister to my skin to restore my natural glow externally to match my internal glow-up.

SKINN MIA SPA | Miami South Beach

As soon as I stepped off the elevator, I was greeted with a smile and a good momma bear hug. Larnette Glenn the owner and operator has created a boutique southern oasis in the middle of Miami South Beach at her exclusive private spa called “SKINN MIA.” Immediately once I laid down on her table, she went to work scraping, steaming and opening up my pores to give me that flawless skin tease.

The entire service was everything! It was nothing less than a first class experience from start to finish.

Will I return? Heck yea, Beauty can be painful but it is well worth the investment. I needed this facial rejuvenation to add a boost of confidence to love and embrace my brown skin as beauty.

TRUST ME! Whenever in MIAMI give Larnette a call or Book an appointment.

SKINN MIA is a boutique skincare spa that specializes in glowing healthy skin. Sun, sand and surf are the reason we live and play on the beach but, they also can reek havoc on our skin. That is why anti-aging and sun damage are two skin issues we specialize in.

Click Video below for the live version of the “SKINN MIA” experience.

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The Warm Embrace from my friend, Larnette Glenn
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