SELAH – What Every BLACK PASTOR Should Know Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley

At the start, I struggled with posting this blog thinking about the many critics it may attract; however, I believe Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley courageous act is to be admired. For many years Pastors particularly Black leaders have suffered in silence denying themselves a true quality of life and just waiting to enter heavens gates as that great reward. In my opinion is a slave mentality; which is to work yourself to the bone, die and people go eat chicken after the funeral saying, he was a good ole man. I am sorry, but there is more to life.

It is important for the church to become a training ground more than a place to come every sunday for a good word. God invested much more in us than to only be receivers and not activators. I’ve seen it all too often the Sunday the Pastor is absent the attendance and the offering take a hit, which is bad for business. This creates pressure and anxiety for Pastors to always perform and not have a moment of refilling in order to have something to give. The pulpit is the one place we as people of color rarely allow Black Pastors to take a vacation or even consider the fact to Pastor is a job. Yes, it can be a joy, but its still a job with many demands.

Nevertheless, the mission of this blog is to encourage you as the reader to listen as Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley thoroughly shares his heart with the congregants of Alfred Street Baptist Church. I believe it will change your life.  I truly hope PASTORS will listen to his message not from a critical ear but from a sphere of truth.


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