NEW YOUTUBE Fashion Mini Series & Documentary, “When did I fall in LOVE with FASHION?”

When I think about life from my point of view, I see life in color and not black and white. The beauty that one possesses far exceeds the clothing or shoes worn to emanate a level of superiority or lifestyle; however,  the internal genius living, breathing and expressing through our being is the personification of perfection to any fashionable total look. For I believe, Style of more than a notion, it is internal.

Fashion is freedom of expression, reflection of your soul and the ability to feel alive. One of the greatest gifts given to man is our imagination. It is God’s gift to force us beyond the sphere of limitation into our wildest dreams to achieve the unimaginable.

The curation of this mini series documentary is to first open your Vision (eyes) to see life in living color and secondly to embrace the artistic canvas of your life by listening to the heartbeat of your soul calling.

Do what you love! Live the life you love and love the life you live. Be brave enough to see what a thing can be conventional or unconventional. Fashion or Style is much bigger than spending your entire pay check, keeping up with what’s next and being best dressed. It is a lifestyle and ministry. Aim to not only live to figuratively fall in love with external being, but pursue the heartbeat of your soul calling. Bankrupt the grave by living out your dreams fearlessly.

Here is the start of many to come When I fell in Love with Fashion featuring Fashion enthusiasts: Nina T. Clark, Glenn Wiggins, Christopher Whitfield and Tim Arrington.



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