New Movie Alert! THE PHOTOGRAPH in Theaters on Valentine’s Day

In just a few days the arrival of a new month, February will be on the scene. Over the years February has been the signature time for people of color to celebrate as Black History Month; however, the overarching consensus for most Americans believe February is the month of love, Valentine’s Day. Particularly, women look forward to receiving some outward expression of balloons, roses, heart shape boxes filled with chocolates or something to dispel all doubt they got a man.

I believe in love and I think its a beautiful thing.  Nevertheless, I can not dismiss the fact many woman and men struggle with the date february 14th noted as Valentine’s Day. Finding your soul mate can be a daunting task for many reason, but its vitally important to not allow past rejection or hurt damage the future.

If you follow my blog its easy to determine I am probably described as a hopeless romantic. It is etch in my mind love is a real soul experience and it can happen at any given moment mutually.

Producer Will Packer a new film called The Photograph is set to be in theaters on February 14th featuring producer and actress, Issa Rae and actor LaKeith Standfield. The story line seems pretty natural to life of the many woes we all encounter when we think we have found the one. As a matter of fact, the emotional roller coaster and the hundred questions going off in our head to not go down same road as past relationships is insane. Can I get a Amen? (lol)

I will say, I like the trailer. The setup is definitely relatable.  Take a look below!

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