The longer I live the more I understand that life is truly a “cycle of circles”. What you don’t understand today, you will understand tomorrow.

2020 is not only a defining year but a defining decade. It is minimal to think of your life only in terms of a year. In this new season, you should also think of your life in the sense of decades. Since the beginning of January, God (your internal consciousness) has been speaking to YOU. As a matter of fact, for some people, God starting speaking to you in December! You’ve heard God speak to you about your next moves, vision and the uncanny need to dance to the beat of a new and different drum!

I believe the center of your soul is speaking and creating defining moments to push you into the direction of your “SOUL CALLING”, which is absent of anyone one’s opinion!

When you are built to be tall, why show up in a room small? God is after you! There is a sound and a cloud, stored up in your SOUL that is speaking in a loud voice and telling you to show up with courage! So, escape from the mundane routine of your cycles and circles that slow you down, quiet the noise of your mind and center yourself into a posture that can receive even more from God!

In this new year and decade, LOVE without prerequisites, LIVE without approval, RELEASE every leech (blood sucker), CONNECT with positive agents and ignite the FREEDOM to be yourself, so that you can graduate into a higher vibration.

Whatever is behind you, let it DIE. Give no life to the past. Live in the present. Live in the NOW. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Your FUTURE is in the AIR, YOU have the power to DEFINE IT!

I promise if you listen, YOUR SOUL WILL SPEAK…

Vision Church Los Angeles
Pastor Sammie

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