Epic! Episode 8 – Lowkey HAPPY, HBO’s INSECURE Season 4

Just wrapped watching episode 8, season 4 of HBO’s hit series Insecure. And instantly, I went looking for my computer to jot down a couple lines for my blog because I loved it.

With perfection the cinematography was impeccable, the director captured the true essence of black love and the magic it creates; especially when two people decide to be brutally honest exuding no fear of walking on egg shells. The beauty of reconnection.

This episode is one for the books totally focused on the reconnection of actress Issa Rae and Lawrence played by actor Jay Ellis sitting over dinner having a real talk about life, career paths, past mistakes and discovering what is happy. Plus, watching the rhythm of the evening unfold as time past and they explore the city together living in the moment.

The last ten minutes of the episode is epic; when Issa is standing at the door pondering whether she should go or stay. ¬†Whew, love it… Just go watch the episode! I will not spoil it, But I will say this episode deserves an Emmy.


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