The Clean Team, “GET RIGHT” Fragrance curated by a Black Man, BRUCE HARDNETT

Given the present climate in America, it is exciting to discover a black man of style and ingenuity by the name of Bruce Hardnett; who sought to create a fragrance for men called, THE CLEAN TEAM, Get Right. The perfumer product is only one year in age but the scent is incredibly fresh combining a woody citrus musk soften with a jasmine flower aroma.  It is an all season sensational scent for any man during the day and for an enchanting evening on the town.  I can agree wearing this fragrance is a clean statement piece. I like it!

The Motto of Get Right is motivational for recovering in times of despair. It is factual to note a scent or fragrance can change your entire mood and increase your sexy.

Bruce in the face of his own personal challenges and misfortunes pivoted to birthed a tangible product representative of positivity and possibility. His mission is to create a culture that will inspire the lives of others by way of self-care, character, confidence and leadership.

I love this product is crafted with intention to shift the narrative of items produced, introduced and sold by us and for us. Salute to Bruce and managing partner, Jason Crawford for being a shining example of what’s possible.

The CLEAN TEAM, Get Right fragrance is a beaming light of hope to what is possible.

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