YOU Can Move Mountains

This has been an interesting week for me inclusive of the stress planning a huge event the last weekend of April.  One thing I know for sure, the longer you live the more revelatory life lend its hand to you.

I sincerely believe we have the power within us to move mountains, if we believe.  We interviewed for SHEEN Magazine’s Talk Tuesday the other day,  Dr. Shaherah Williams and she shared the power of meditation looking within for total inner peace. It was a remarkable moment for me. The entire time she was speaking I was somewhere lost in her energy, which seemed to be at peace and liberating.  honestly, I was at points spellbound or maybe a pitch jealous at what she had discovered. That interview awaken something in me to not only talk about internal power, healing and peace; however, it was time for me to activate the power within.

Since the interview I have been more conscious about meditating in the morning before doing anything to summons internally the dream I believe is my assignment.  As she said, Meditation is a non-negotiable, its necessary. I love this as well she said, Prayer is talking and meditation is listening. At the end of the day, the best posture to live is the position of listening not speaking.

Everything rest on our internal conviction for external evidence or manifestation. When we start to center ourselves to quiet the external noise, we will experience revelation instead of frustration. I believe, We as humans are more spirit than we are flesh, which suggests at any moment of frustration if we look internally to enter the dimension of the spirit the answer/direction will come.

The key is having the courage to discipline ourselves through the process of discovery within. I promise you, internally we have the power to move mountains.  Have the courage today to take 5minutes a day with everything off to just listen.  Inner Peace belongs to YOU.  Go Get IT!

What you see is temporal and what you do not see is eternal…

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