Bold, Black & Beautiful (Black Designers Matter)

Tracee Ellis Ross wearing Dapper Dan exclusive Gucci Collection


Black Designers Matter!

A new platform has risen on Instagram called Black Designers Matter (@blackdesignersmatter), which I believe is genius. The Climate is shifting for all Black creatives to stand tall in the words of the late singer James Brown, Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.


I have worked in the Fashion and Beauty industry for many years and have literally in my mind heard it all.  There has been a large amount of disappointment in all sectors surrounding the visibility and support of Black Fashion designers.  However, what I am most excited about is to witness a resurgence for a call to action in a modernistic sense through a fashion statement. In the days of the Civil Rights Movement black people marched, protested and entered establishments sanctioned for white only entrances; however, a new day is here. More and more successful and conscious driven people of color are stepping up to the plate and landing on red carpets and hosting major global events rocking fashion with a purpose. They are shifting the conversation to provide an opportunity for designers of color to have a seat at the table.


Black people as a whole invest billions of dollars into the fashion and beauty industry and the time is now to reap the benefits. It is incredulous for all of us to understand the seriousness of how significant it is for Black Designers to really Matter. Let’s make history and change the narrative.

What a bold, black and beautiful stance the Black-ish actress Tracee Ellis Ross took on last evening (October 9th) as the host emcee of the American Music Awards to hit the stage wearing a Dapper Dan exclusive Gucci Cape and only black fashion designers garments the entire night. With well over a dozen changes each bringing nothing but the funk, Tracee Ellis Ross made it crystal clear Black Fashion Designers have the juice to produce wardrobe for any major player in the game. It was a magnificent vision to behold. Tracee Ellis Ross is a Boss!

Here is a glance at some of Tracee’s stunning wardrobe:


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