2019 Is Not Over, Fuel Your Faith for the Supernatural

Faith makes miracles. We are presently about two weeks from the fourth quarter of the year 2019.  It is evident we are down to the wire before the entrance into a new year. However, I believe many people is experiencing disappointment and continuing to ask the question why am I here?

It is time to take action on your life.  One may ask what do you mean by take action? What I mean is create a space in your life starting today for the rest of this year to create a no excuse zone.  Get it Done! Apply some pressure to your vision, dreams and goals by exercising your faith at ground zero. The bible says, if you have faith the grain of a mustard seed, you can speak to mountains to move (Matthew 17:20). Speak Up! Use your voice to speak into the atmosphere what you desire.  In order to see it, one has to speak it. We possess unlimited power within us both in the natural and in the spirit. Super powers not only belongs to your favorite fictitious super heroes, but super powers reside in you from origin (birth).

We have crossed into a new season called, Fall.  As the climate is now starting to shift to cooler temperatures, so should your temperature shift before the dawn of a new year leaving 2019 full of regrets. Tap into your internal instinct through prayer and/pr meditation to eliminate any distractors from you achieving set goals.

Where do I start? Anywhere, just start! Make up in your mind, I’ll go anywhere but backwards. You deserve God’s best.  The ideas would not be in you if you were not equipped with the tools to seize them. This is your moment in time now to push past any idea, person or things that does feed the purpose in you. Faith makes miracles, but requires sacrifice to see the manifestation.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, (Hebrews 11:1).

Sometimes we are incredibly stress out and disappointed at the core because we are living faithless lives.  Your faith is on E (Empty), but anxiety on full. Change the narrative! With only two week and the final quarter of 2019 approaching take a leap of faith to what you hear your soul calling you into. Silence the noise, trust me your soul is speaking. Living in faith doesn’t always make sense, but I promise it will produce miracles. Fuel your faith to be faithFULL, God is done in 2019.

Walk in Freedom and Love,

Sammi Haynes

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